Social Media vs. Knowledge Management

When this article Social Media vs. Knowledge Management: A Generational War was written by Venkatesh Rao back in 2008, it sparked a heated discussion ranging from totally right on to totally way off base. Much of the debate focused around his choosing to call it a generational war with Gen Xers being in the middle and neutral. 

I agree with many of his comments regarding Knowledge Management as being top-down driven, highly structured (i.e., idealistic). But as a Boomer myself, I choose not to buy the argument that our age bracket is responsible for this approach. I believe that our perceptions and therefore, how we see the world, are influenced and shaped more by our intellect and experiences. Nevertheless, it’s a stimulating read.

Mary Abraham was stimulated. Her response is posted here. She writes: “…it’s [KM] trying to transform itself from a purely archival discipline to a more dynamic and informal approach that puts people in direct touch with each other, without the obvious intermediation of a knowledge manager.” Sounds like the naturalistic approach to me.