Mining Investment in the Age of Ecology

The Australian Resources & Investment is a premier mining journal dedicated to providing readers with cutting-edge insights into resource developments in Australia, and from Australian companies operating around the world. The magazine is distributed at industry events, including those run by the Sydney and Melbourne mining clubs, as well as through newsagencies, Qantas Club Lounges, and Qantas Business Lounges Australia-wide.

My colleague Hendrik Lourens and I penned this article for Metal and Mining investors to inform them we are in the Age of Ecology. When considering a potential buy, we posed 3 questions to ask senior leaders:

  1. What is your “people” philosophy?
  2. What is your long-term strategy to build and retain human capacity and capability?
  3. How are you leveraging the collective wisdom of your existing workforce?

The smart choice is funding companies who know how to deal with complexity and uncertainty. They have or are developing a change platform to stabilize operations and strengthen Robustness. Digitizations and other agility initiatives to build Resilience can then be properly sequenced in the change portfolio to shape the “new normal.”

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