Rethinking the Thinking about Execution

You need both Strategy and Execution to achieve Results. Developing a strategy that you control is easy. Execution is hard to do. Why?

Strategy + Execution
Source: FranklinCovey 4 Disciplines of Execution
Our experience in facilitating change projects points to 3 paradigm shifts:

  1. The human brain by design is not creative. It prefers to stay with the Status Quo. You need to understand and apply what it takes to move off the Status Quo.
  2. The human brain is in constant conflict with itself. There is an emotional Elephant side and a rational Rider side. You’ve got to reach both to make change happen.
  3. The human brain can be overwhelmed by the whirlwind of everyday stuff. The whirlwind isn’t going away so you better know how to deal with it.

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