Adaptive Safety Masterclass interview

Southpac International who sponsored my Adaptive Safety HOPLAB Masterclass has published 2 YouTube videos on my interview with CEO Andy Shone.
00:16 – Why are we talking about complexity-based approaches
01:25 – VUCA world and why are we using these terms more frequently?
03:27 – We have mostly a hierarchy system, who is really in charge of a complex adaptive system?
04:33 – What is the Cyenfin Framework?
07:00 – Explain the costs for treating everything as an order system
00:15 – In the complexity domain of the Cynefin Framework, why are stories so valuable?
04:29 – Explain vectoring in Cynefin Framework
07:47 – What are the implications for safety practice?
10:35 – What is storytelling to you?