The 2012 Twitter Olympics

Are you searching for more evidence of the Complexity/Sense-Making S-curve? Look no further than what transpired at the 2012 Twitter Olympics

It didn’t seem that long ago when TV stations and radio commanded the air waves and we waited for the newspaper printing presses to inform us of the details. But in 2012, the absolute control of information was not in the hands of the broadcasters. Look what the Twitterverse did to the BBC coverage of the cycling race. As TV viewers we were able make our voice heard about NBC’s delayed coverage.
We observed how athletes twittered and facebooked with family and fans. It’s terrific when an athlete with pure raw emotion tweets immediately after a big win. But it’s a two-way street ranging from Hope Solo’s mild rant to a Greek athlete making a racist comment and getting kicked off the team. The wise ones attempted to make sense of Rule 40 and what they were and were not allowed to do.
Would you like to know how the Olympics have grown? Check this Infographic.
How much bigger is social media in 2012 that it was in the 2008 Olympics? Three times? Ten times? How about 100 times? It’s fun imagining what it will be like 2 years from now at the Winter Olympics in Sochi.