Manage the Whirlwind

Why Managers are busy

It’s because managers don’t do one job, they do three. Job A deals with the Present and involves getting through all of your daily tasks and activities. Job B deals with the Past. It includes preparing monthly reports, closing off on completed work done by others, reviewing performance, and so on. Job C deals with the Future, the change improvements that you or someone higher up wants executed.

But why do some managers fail? Is it because they can’t stickhandle all 3 jobs? Possibly. But there’s another reason explained in the FranklinCovey video below.

There are 4 disciplines to combat the whirlwind:

  1. Organizations must determine what are their most important goals, the fewer the better.
  2. Goal achievement must be translated into action. Activities are measured with lead, not lag, measures.
  3. Performers create their own weekly scoreboard to communicate how they are doing.
  4. People are held accountable for the commitments they make.

Where do you spend most of time at work
– dealing with the past, present, or the future?
How does the whirlwind personally affect you?

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