Adaptive Safety: HOP Masterclass

On November 6&7 I had the immense pleasure to deliver our Adaptive  Safety workshop as part of Southpac Human & Organizational Performance (HOP) Masterclass series. The location couldn’t have been better at the Swiss Belhotel in Brisbane, Australia.

Course notes were provided. I presented some slides that were not in the handouts. Class participants can click here for the extras. Included is the Cynefin Mapping method to generate action plans for each domain.

The Vector theory of change applies the change intervention question: “How might we get more stores like these and fewer like those?” In the last exercise we made the link to the 5 HOP principles. As safety ethnographers, we can search and listen for stories that either support or violate the principles.

Consider this story: “It was a rush job and in a hurry I dropped my hammer and dented what I was working on.” What happened next? How did people respond? Was it “You idiot! It’s your fault if  we don’t meet the deadline. Get your act together!” Or was it “Okay. Let’s reset. What can we change to make the deadline? If we can’t, I’ll find out how hard the deadline really is.”

If a friend asks you: “My  son is thinking of applying for a job where you work. What’s it like working there?” Instead of replying yes or no, tell your friend your version of the story about dropping the hammer. He’ll understand.