Release of new Cynefin® book

For the past 4 months I and Cognitive Edge VP Michael Cheveldave have been writing a chapter in a new book CYNEFIN: Weaving Sense-making into the Fabric of our World. Our chapter is titled: “A Cynefin Approach to Leading Safety in Organizations.”

We’re just 1 of 46 chapters showing how powerful Cynefin® is for making sense of the real world. In ~ 3,000 words, we did our best to describe the anthro-complexity approach to improving Safety in organizations.

We believe that all organizations are complex adaptive systems. Safety is an an emergent property of a complex adaptive system. We explain 3 keypoints to enable safety to emerge:

  1. Work with the system as a whole.
  2. Work from your present state.
  3. Work with small actions to create conditions for big improvements.

Printed and Kindle versions are available at Amazon. Click here If you would like a special copy signed by Dave Snowden.