Rethinking the Thinking

We’re 20 years into the 21st Century


It didn’t seem that long ago when we based our business on the view that the environment was a calm lake. The challenge was getting everyone to row in the same direction—a focus on efficiency and maximizing the use of resources.

If there was a sudden change in wind, rowers waited until the coxswain shouted out new instructions. In fact, it was only this one person who was faced in the direction the boat was going. Now compelling evidence clearly indicates business change is becoming more frequent, more sudden, and less predictable.


The changes are evident in all aspects of the economy—resulting in dramatic increases in turbulence, more business failures, and less predictable earnings. VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity) is now a permanent part our economic system. It’s a whitewater world we now live in where Science is going through a sea change.

What’s Complexity all about?

Brian Arthur

Wharton professor Michael Useem  talks about how traditional leadership qualities have changed in the modern era.

So, what are you going to do differently?

Business activities such as visioning, strategy, and execution continue to be critical elements. We will still Plan the Work and then Work the plan. Each element, however, needs to be rethought:

  • Vision: Does it make sense today to create a vision when we really have no idea what the turbulent future looks like?
  • Strategy: Does it make sense today to prepare a detailed business plan that could be rendered useless the next day by an unforeseen event?
  • Execution: Does it make sense to work really hard to climb the ladder only to find it’s now leaning against the wrong wall? What if there is no wall but just fog?

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